Don’t play it again, Sam

One could argue that at least he is trying, in more ways than one seemingly, rather than claiming benefits as most probably would. Town tries to ban ‘truly appalling’ Romanian busker who only has two songs Or maybe he will now be pushed into claiming benefits if he is banned, and then the complaints will start again.

This must be Comical Ali

Amir Ali tried to petrol bomb a pub in West Sussex but was caught by police after he ran into a lamppost and needed medical treatment. Ali, who denied being responsible for the attack despite being caught on film, was jailed for eight years at Hove Crown Court .

White stuff all over

The University of Dundee has published an interesting image captured by its satellite receiving station showing much of the UK covered in snow.

Better than a pile of bricks

Scottish artist Susan Philipsz has landed the £25,000 Turner Prize for an art work that cannot actually be seen as it is an audio recording, the first time the prize has been awarded for setting up a stereo.

Mustn’t forget the pagans

Hundreds of criminals in the UK are to be given four days a year off prison work in order to celebrate various pagan festivals, the latest in a series of rulings to protect convicts’ rights and ensure equality among different faiths. Prison governors have been issued with a list of eight annual pagan holidays, from which pagan inmates can choose …

Water and biccies anyone?

For seven long years, parents at the Mill Hill Children’s Centre, Waterlooville, Hampshire, have merrily drunk tea and coffee and dunked their digestives while their their kids played. They even pay for the privilege. But not any more.

Reality check…

One does get just a little bit soft after a time living on the coast, classifying anything under about twenty degrees as being ‘bitter’ and complaining when we have to don a sleeve, so it’s a nice little reality check when you get some photos sent in from people who are ‘really’ cold at the moment.

Lucky break…

Lucky break. I was originally planning a quick trip to the UK over this weekend – UK airports closed because of snow, roads blocked, air traffic controllers on strike. Phew….

UK airport news

Severe disruption at Gatwick Airport where the runways are closed until at least 0600 GMT on Thursday due to heavy snowfalls. Edinburgh Airport is also closed until at least Thursday morning. Guernsey Airport, Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster and Durham Tees Valley Airport are also closed and other airports are witnessing delays and disruptions to services. Passengers are advised to …