Couple evacuated from their home in Competa

The construction of the underground car park in Competa has forced the temporary evacuation from their home of a local couple after it was discovered that their house had no foundations.

New car park exit now operational

The second exit from the underground car park is now finally operational. This new exit emerges in calle Granada (about halfway up) and it is hoped that it will ease some of the congestion in calle Pintada.

An end in sight?

The El Chaparil/Verano Azul car park has been under construction for several years now, but an end may be in sight.

Nerja – underground car park

It will have hardly escaped anyone’s notice that work on the new underground car park in calle Antonio Ferrandis is way behind schedule. In fact, all work on the project stopped in October, which was also its last amended completion date.