Unemployment forecast to increase in Andalucia in 2013

Unemployment in Andalucia has averaged 34.1% during 2012 but forecasts from the Unicaja Group suggest that this is likely to rise to 35.5% during 2013, well above the national level of 25%. Unicaja Group also contends that the continuing fall in GDP means that the current regional government has little chance of creating employment.

Unemployment in Andalucia up by 2.83% in September

Registered unemployment in Andalucia rose by 29,028 people, 2.83%, in September to bring the official total of those out of work to 1,055,109, according to the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. Unemployment in Andalucia has risen by 11.88% in the past twelve months and has affected all provinces.

Long-term unemployed on the increase

The number of long-term unemployed, namely those who have been searching for a job for a year or more, has quadrupled since the financial crisis began in Spain some five years ago and now accounts for over 50% of the ttal which, in June, stood at 5.963 million. This equates to 24% of the working population, more than double the …

Unemployment in Andalucia up by 1.02% in August

Unemployment in Andalucia rose by 10,365 (1.02%) in August bringing the total number of officially unemployed in the region to 1,026,081. Unemployment rose in twelve regions, most notably Andalucia, and fell in five regions with Galicia top of the list.

Unemployment in Andalucia up to 33.92%

Unemployment in Andalucia rose by 33,000 people in the second quarter of 2012 and the official total of those without work now stands at 1,362,900, that is 33.92% of the working population.

Unemployment at record high

Unemployment in Spain rose by 53,500 people in the second quarter of this year when compared to the previous quarter, bringing the official total of those without work to 5,693,100. The official unemployment rate at the end of June stands at 24.6%.

Unemployment in Andalucia expected to rise

The Economics Analysts of Andalucia, a study group belonging to Unicaja, is predicting that official unemployment in Andalucia will rise to 33.7% in 2012.

Unemployment hits new record high

Unemployment in Spain has hit a new record high with 5,639,500 people out of work at the end of March, that’s 24.4% of the total workforce. The figures were announced just after Standard & Poor’s downgraded Spanish sovereign debt by another two notches to BBB+.

EU unemployment still on the rise

Unemployment in the Eurozone reached 10.8% in February and in the European Union as a whole stands at a record 10.2% with one in five out of work being Spanish.

Andalucia unemployment at the end of 2011

In Andalucia, The number of unemployed rose by 15,600 people in the fourth quarter of 2011, so that the community ended the year with 1,248,500 unemployed and an unemployment rate of 31.23 percent, according to the Labour Force Survey (LFS ).