Unemployment at new record high

The recession continues to bite with official unemployment in Spain now at a new record high of 6,.202,700, representing 27.16% of the workforce. The number of people out of work increased by 4% in the first quarter when compared to the previous quarter.

Unemployment in Andalucia up by 2.86% in February

Official unemployment in Andalucia rose by 22,722 people in February to bring the total out of work in the region to 1,125,120, which is 2.86% more than it was in January. Unemployment rose in all provinces except Huelva.

January sets new record for unemployment

The end of a number of crop harvests, such as olives, and the end of the Christmas holiday period has resulted in new record unemployment figures for January 2013 with the number out of work increasing by 132.055 nationally and by 18.569 in Andalucia.

Unemployment predicted to rise in Andalucia

Economic Analysts Andalucia, a Unicaja research company, is forecasting a fall in GDP in Andalucia this year of 1.6% with a decrease in activity in all sectors. The situation is expected to be particularly acute in Huelva and Jaén.

Unemployment at 6.1 million according to Eurostat

Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics office, reported that Spain’s unemployment rate hit 26.6% in November 2012, up from 26.2% in October 2012 and up from 23.0% for the same month in 2011. That puts the total number of people out of work in Spain at 6.157 million.

Unemployment down slightly in December 2012

According to figures released by the Employment Ministry, the number of people registered at employment offices as being out of work in December declined by 59,094 when compared to November, bringing the grand total of unemployed to 4.848 million. December is usually a good month for employment due to the long Christmas festive period.

Unemployment up by 1.5% in November

The number of officially registered unemployed rose in November by 74,296, up by 1.5% on October to bring the total of those officially out of work to 4,907,817 , a new record. Of the 74,296 increase, 23.553 are located in Andalucia.

European Commission forecasts six million unemployed in 2013

According to the autumn forecast by the European Commission, unemployment will continue to rise in Spain, and predicts that the number of people without jobs will rise to six million by 2013. The report also questions the government’s outlook for GDP and the budget deficit.

New record unemployment figure

Registered unemployment is at its highest level since comparable records began back in 1996, with 4,833,521 officially out of work. This represents an increase of 2.7% compared to September. From October 2011 to October 2012, unemployment has risen by 10.84%.

Unemployment at new high

Unemployment in Spain as a whole has hit a new high of 25% according to the latest figures announced by the National Institute of Statistics, with 52% of people aged between 16 years and 24 years now without a job and little prospect of finding one.