Unemployment in Málaga province during October

In Málaga province in October, an average of 264 people lost their jobs each day, that’s one person joining the dole queue every five minutes of every day. October is traditionally a bad month for unemployment but October 2011 was the second worst October since 1990.

Unemployment still rising

Unemployment in Spain rose by 144,700 during the third quarter bringing the total registered unemployed to 4.978,300, 21.52% of the registered workforce.

Unemployment rises by 2,57% in September

The number of unemployed registered at the offices of National Employment Institute (INEM) in Andalucia rose by 23,592 during the month of September 2011, representing an increase of 2.57%t over the previous month and an increase of 5.06% over September 2010.

Unemployment up in August

August may be the peak tourist month of the year but unemployment is still rising, up by 10,954 in Andalucia and with the national total now standing at over 4.1million.

Second quarter decrease in unemployment

Unemployment in Andalucia fell by 8,700 people during the second quarter of 2011, a decrease of 0.73% over the previous quarter. Official unemployment in Andalucia currently stands at 1,178,900 or 29.71 per cent of the working population.

Unemployment in Andalucia continues to rise

Unemployment in Andalucia rose by 60,200 during the first quarter of 2011 and the jobless total now stands at 1,187,000, representing 29.86% of the workforce.

Unemployment could hit 5 million

The number of unemployed in Spain, which already has the highest jobless rate in the industrialised world, could reach a record of more than 5m according to the Misister of Labour, Valeriano Gómez.

Unemployment still climbing

Registered unemployment has risen once more in March 2011, this time by 0.8% when compared to the previous month and brings the grand total out of work to a new record high of 4,333,669.

Unemployment continues to rise

The number of unemployed registered with the Public Employment Service (former INEM) in Spain rose by 1.6% in February to 4,299,263, the highest level since 1996.

Unemployment rises to 4,231,003

Unemployment in Spain rose by 3.2% in January 2011 and now stands at a record 4,231,003, the figures provided by the Public Employment Service, formerly INEM.