Fourth quarter unemployment in Andalucia

Unemployment in Andalucia fell by 2,200 people during the last quarter of 2010, although over the year as a whole it rose by 93,400, an increase of 9.3% compared to 2009.

Rise in unemployment in Ronda

Unemployment in Ronda rose by 113 in November, bringing the official total jobless figure to 4,441. Of these, 2,374 are men and 2,067 are women.

Eurozone unemployment in October

Unemployment in the Eurozone rose by 0.1% in October to 10.1% although Spanish unemployment remained stable at an unhealthy 20.7%. In the EU as a whole, unemployment for October remained stable at 9.6%.

Unemployment still rising

Unemployment in Andalucia rose by 1.69% during October compared to the previous month, another 15,172 people becoming jobless. Nationally, unemployment rose by 1.7% compared to September.

Unemployment rises again in Andalucia

Unemployment in Andalucia rose by 25,500 during the third quarter to reach a total of 1,129,500 people out of work, which is 28.55% of the workforce.

Andalucia unemployment rise

September unemployment in Andalucia rose by 20,635, representing 43% of the total for the whole country, which was 48,102. In total, there are now 897,645 unemployed in the region with a lot of school leavers and young people joining the ranks of the jobless.

Marbella unemployment hits 14,000

According to the Andalucian Employment Service, 696 people lost their jobs in Marbella during September bringing the total unemployed in the city to 14,000. It is the worst September increase since detailed unemployment statistics began back in 2005.

Unemployment up by 1.2% in September

Unemployment in Spain rose by 1.2% in September, another 48,102 people joining the ranks of those without work. This puts the total number of unemployed at 4,017,763.