Vandalism at children’s playground

Vandals have caused an estimated €25,000 worth of damage to a children’s play area in the Parque Los Almendros in El Castillón.

Taxpayer money up in smoke

During 2012, vandalism to rubbish containers in Málaga, many through burning, cost the Council, and by default the taxpayer, €214,000. In 2011 the figure was €129,000 and in 2010 it was €210,000.

Vandals in Vélez

Vandals struck on Monday morning at the parque María Zambrano in Vélez-Málaga, damaging fencing around the play areas, sprinkler systems, plants and information signs as well as scattering the contents of rubbish bags all over the area.

The elections get serious in Pizarra

The PSOE in Pizarra has complained that their election posters in urbanisation Olivar have been ripped up or painted over, describing it an an outrage against democracy and accusing the IU of being behind the electoral vandalism. The IU deny the claims and say that their posters have also been vandalised.

Vandalism in Plaza de Andalucia

Vandals have defaced the statue of Blas Infante in Plaza de Andalucia, removing the gold-coloured spectacles and covering the plinth with graffiti.

Young vandals in Montilla

Local Police in Montilla, Córdoba, have identified a group of 8 to 11 year old children who broke into the Gran Capitán school and caused major damage to classrooms.

Granada vandals caught

Local Police in Granada have denounced six youths aged between 20 years and 25 years for vandalising a total of fifteen cars, damaging street furniture and trying to smash shop windows.