Tourist Ambassador 2011

The Council has unanimously approved a proposal to appoint Miguel Joven, who played ‘Tito’ in the series Verano Azul, as Tourist Ambassador for 2011.

Parque Verano Azul…

The new surface in the play area in Parque Verano Azul looks good. Lockable gates have already been installed at various points around the play area but until the fence is installed around the entire area they are not much use. Elsewhere in the park, work continues on building the Football 7 pitch.


The Councillor for Youth, Charo Villasclaras, has announced that there will be an increased Local Police presence in the Parque Verano Azul to ensure that revellers observe the rules laid down for the weekly ‘botellón’.

Season tickets for the new El Chaparil (Verano Azul) parking

The Councillor responsible for Municipal Parking, Antonio Navas, has announced that, as from tomorrow, applications can be made for season tickets for the new ‘El Chaparil’ parking located next to the parque Verano Azul.

Summer is officially here…

At 07:46 this morning, Summer officially began. The longest season, it runs for 93.65 days and ends at 23:19 on September 22nd. Time then to drive down calle Carabeo, park in the underground car park in Verano Azul and take a stroll along the new promenade at El Chucho beach. Just some of the projects whose completion was promised ‘before …

Verano Azul goes to Alicante

The 1980’s TV series Verano Azul is widely credited as having put Nerja ‘on the map’, not only nationally but also on a worldwide scale. As probably everyone is aware, a new series is to be filmed in 2009, 25 years after the screening of the original series, and although several places were keen to host it, Málaga and Alicante …

Work to restart on underground car park in Nerja

Work on the new underground car park near the Parque Verano Azul in Nerja has been at a standstill since last October – the time it was due to be completed – but things may be on the move again.