Cold front hits Málaga province

A cold front has reached Málaga province and temperatures are expected to plummet from yesterday’s maximum of 20 degrees to around 14 or 15 degrees during the day today and as cold as 5 degrees at night. Temperatures in the interior will be lower. The cold wind, and the possibility of rain, will continue for most of the week.

Outlook for autumn is ‘dry’

Autumn is just a week away and apart from the odd shower expected in the next few days, the outlook is currently ‘dry’, which is becoming worrying for farmers in Andalucia.

Grape harvest approaches

The grape harvest approaches in Ronda and anxious eyes are being kept on the weather situation over the next couple of weeks.

Weather alerts, sun and wind

Temperatures in Sevilla and Córdoba provinces are expected to reach 40 degrees today. In the Straits of Gibraltar, heavy winds are being predicted until around 18:00.

General rise in temperatures

A general rise in temperatures in Spain today means that most of the country, namely 48 provinces, will not see the thermometer fall below 20 degrees and in western Andalucia, Badajoz and Orense, temperatures could reach 30 degrees. Sevilla is expected to be 28 degrees, Córdoba 27 degrees and Huelva 25 degrees.

Back to cold weather

Thirty-nine provinces, including all eight in Andalucia, are now on alert for low temperatures which, in some areas, could fall to -9 degrees.

A change in the weather…

Bit of a change in the weather today, with cloud and the odd drop of the wet stuff. Snow playing havoc in parts of Andalucia. Nice skies and a rainbow this evening, though.

A few weather stats for 2011

Taking the period up to November 30th 2011, the average temperature has been 16.67 degrees which is slightly higher than the previous best, 2006.

Cold front over Iberian peninsular

A broad cold front means that temperatures are expected to drop between 4 and 7 degrees throughout the Iberian peninsular this weekend. Major snowfall is expected in the Pyrenees and the Bay of Biscay and high winds, up to 150 kph, are predicted in some coastal areas.

Summer is almost over

It may come as a surprise to a lot of people but, taking Spain as a whole, the summer of 2011 was the fourth coldest so far this century after 2002, 2007 and 2008. Summer officially ends at 11:05 on Friday and the weather is expected to change and become more unsettled from the middle of next week.