Criticism of Nerja Caves Foundation

As the budget for the Nerja Caves Foundation was passed in plenary session, the Partido Popular representative on the body, José Alberto Tomé, criticised the way the Foundation is being run.

José Alberto Tomé expressed concern that the Foundation is likely to go into deficit and that there is no new investment planned. He also raised questions as to whether the recent loan acquired by the Foundation to finance the Nerja History Museum was in fact legal.

The Councillor also complained that since the Foundation has been in the hands of Ángel Ramírez (PSOE), partnerships (the Council) have not been receiving their grants for the funding of projects in Nerja and Maro. The fact that the Foundation is now also raising its own projects also bothers the Partido Popular.

Such a shame that party politics tend to take preference over the interests of the community.

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