Guided tours of Nerja

The Council is looking at the possibility of official guided tours of Nerja and has been discussing such a project with the Málaga Tourist Guide Association with whom it would cooperate.

One part of the scheme would be for tour guides to accompany groups of visitors to the town , another would be to arrange walking tours of the town from the Tourist Office with professional guides.

The project is for the ‘not too distant future’.

  1. david says:

    Walking tour sounds like a great idea, been coming for 15 years and still so much not discovered.

  2. I’m not sure I have responded on the right page.
    I notice that the Junta of Andalucia (July 22nd news) have fallen into the same trap as the British government after a TV programme by Jamie Oliver a few years ago. School meals were trendified and “healthy eating” introduced. After an initial interest and high take-up,the number of pupils having these meals dropped greatly after a year or so. After all, school meals account for about 190 of the 900+ meals that children eat annually. Can such a small proportion make any difference? Education authorities should concentrate on educating children, not their eating habits. These can be addressed in the course of lessons without going overboard in adapting canteens etc.

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