Tapas at La Marina

La Marina, NerjaFinding a space at the (large) bar in La Marina in Plaza La Marina on Saturday lunchtime was not easy, but where there is a will there’s a way, and I eventually managed to squeeze in next to a narrow ledge occupied by a vase of plastic flowers. The flowers just had to go.

I quite enjoy the occasional pulpo (octopus), my favourite places being Los Pescaitos (fried, no sauce) and Los Bilbainos (with sauce). So how did it compare?

The pulpo came in a dark sauce, not too rich, and was served with bread sticks. I must say, I have never tasted such tender, melt in the mouth octopus, not even the merest hint of chewiness or rubbery texture as is all too common. The same applies to calimares,

My only comment would be that, personally, I would have preferred bread to bread sticks to mop up the sauce! Bread sticks, although nice, are not up to the job – I tried.

La Marina has now moved to the top of my list for pulpo with sauce. The choice of tapas in La Marina, by the way, is extensive to say the least and if you like fish then you should definitely give it a try. €1.40 for a beer and a tapa.

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