Ronda to have a new flag

The future flag of Ronda will be garnet and white, and a panel of researchers, historians and a journalist have been busy coming up with ideas for the new municipal emblem.

Petrol thief apprehended in Ronda

National Police officers have arrested a 59-year-old man on suspicion of several counts of fraud and forgery by driving off from petrol stations without paying.

Ronda to get a dog park

Ronda is soon to have a dog park, an area where man’s best friend can get some exercise and the owners can have a sit down if they so wish.

Council to apply IBI exemption for people who have lost their homes

Ronda Council is to apply an exemption for IBI Property Taxes (Rates) for people who have lost their homes, the payment of IBI to be the responsibility of the entities that own the property. The initiative is aimed at helping families who are suffering financial difficulties.

Huge mushroom found in the Valle de Genal

The mushroom season has started well in the Serrania de Ronda after the recent rains and two local residents have harvested a huge 1.69 kilo black fungus, Boletus aereus.

Fatal canyoning accident in Ronda

A 37-year-old man died on Sunday during an organised canyoning expedition in Ronda after falling a distance of around 20 metres.

Calles de Ronda

An anonymous author in Ronda has set up a Twitter profile called Calles de Ronda where people are encouraged to report, and photograph where applicable, details of damage to roads, street lighting problems, potholes, loose slabs etc etc.

95 kilometre race through the valley

Over 350 athletes have registered to take part in the First Grand Tour of the Genal Valley, a 95 kilometre race over three days which will take in all fifteen municipalities of the Serrania de Ronda.