Woman in coma after brutal beating

A woman was seriously injured and remains in a coma after being brutally attacked by a man at a gym in calle Máximo Aguirre, Bilbao.

Another eviction suicide

When court officials arrived at a home in calle Txakoli, Bilbao, to serve an eviction order they were unable to gain entry. After calling for a locksmith, they entered the home to find an open window and a chair by the window. Outside was the body of a 50 year old man who had committed suicide due to the situation.

Blowing in the wind…

Definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be on any of these flying machines arriving in Bilbao! Kudos to the pilots. Planes battle strong winds to land in Bilbao

Elderly man dies in fire in Txurdinaga

An 80 year old man died on Saturday afternoon in a fire at his home in calle Doctor Ugarte in the Bilbao district of Txurdinaga. The cause of the fire appears to have been a cigarette.

Domestic fatality in Bilbao

An Ecuadorian woman has died in Bilbao after being stabbed by her husband following an argument in the street.

Tragic death of 13 year old girl in Bilbao

In a tragic accident last night, a 13 year old girl fell to her death from the fifth floor of a building in the San Francisco district of Bilbao after being sent to her room as a punishment following an argument with her parents.