Domestic fatality in Arganzuela, Madrid

A 30 year old Angolan woman was found dead at a guest house in Madrid on Saturday. She had suffered a deep cut to the neck and stab wounds to her body.

Domestic fatality in Palma de Mallorca

A 33 year old South American woman died on Sunday afternoon at her home in Palma de Mallorca after being stabbed, allegedly by her partner, a 40 year old Moroccan national.

Domestic fatality in Mejorada del Campo, Madrid

A 66 year old woman died on Friday after being struck on the head at her home in calle Los Olivos in Mejorada del Campo, Madrid. Her husband has been detained as the alleged perpetrator of the attack. There was apparently no prior history of abuse or violence.

Domestic fatality in Reus, Tarragona

Catalan Police have arrested the former partner of a woman found dead on Monday at her home in calle de Lepant in Reus, Tarragona.

Domestic fatality in Ecija

Today, Tuesday March 19th, is the funeral of the 43 year old woman killed in Ecija, Sevilla, allegedly by her husband who is now in custody.

Domestic fatality on Tenerife

A 35 year old woman died on Wednesday morning in the Los Gladiolos district of Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife, allegedly at the hands of her 42 year old former partner.