Mayor of Estepona facing court case

Charges of urban planning violations, corruption, failure to prosecute a crime, sound like another Mayor could be in trouble and he is, this time in Estepona.

Another grant for Estepona

Estepona Council has just been awarded an exceptional grant of €500,000 to help towards paying outstanding municipal bills for water, electricity and telephones.

Fireraiser arrested

A middle-aged woman, a local resident, has been arrested and charged with causing the fire that destroyed 500 hectares of high ecological value land in Estepona.

Estepona fire could be biggest of the year

The forest fire in the Los Pedregales park area in Estepona is still active on two fronts and has so far destroyed about 600 hectares of land and looks like it could become the biggest forest fire of the year in Málaga province.

Fire in the Parque de Los Pedregales

A forest fire in the Parque de Los Pedregales continues to burn as firefighters are being hampered by gusting winds of up to 40 kph.

Illegals spotted off Estepona

A small boat carrying six adult male would-be immigrants was spotted this morning by a freighter about thirty miles southeast of Estepona.

Shooting in Estepona

A 33 year old Spanish man, a resident of Estepona, is in the Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella after being shot in the leg and the groin.