Homeless man set on fire

A homeless man sleeping on a bench in plaza de la Constitución, Fuengirola, was injured after a fellow indigent poured flammable liquid over him and set fire to him.

Alleged drug trafficker arrested in Fuengirola

National Police have arrested a Moroccan national, A.H., in Fuengirola after 45 kilos of hashish were found in the back of his car. The incident occurred in calle Churruca and followed an investigation started when information was received about someone engaged in ferrying drugs throughout Málaga province.

Council reminds IU of municipal ordinances

Fuengirola Council has reminded the IU party that it is illegal to distribute leaflets in the town under  Article 101 of the Municipal Ordinance relating to public roads.

Ice cream kiosks for Fuengirola promenade

Fuengirola Council has signed an agreement to procure 19 ice cream kiosks which will be made available to those with fewer resources, the Welfare Department being responsible for assessing applications.

Man who stabbed his wife is released from custody

The man arrested last Saturday for allegedly stabbing his wife, a 26 year old Moroccan national, has been released from custody after being charged with assault and abuse. The man, also a Moroccan national, invoked his right to remain silent and his wife refused to ratify the denuncia she made to police on the day of the attack.

Domestic assault in Fuengirola

A 26 year old Moroccan woman needed hospital treatment for a serious stab wound to her arm following a domestic dispute at her home in calle Valladolid, Fuengirola. Her husband, also a Moroccan national, has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the attack.

Expansion at Bioparc

Bioparc in Fuengirola has embarked on an expansion plan which will see the facility hosting new, and often endangered species. From the spring, the large and venomous Komodo dragons will be just one of the new species at the park.

Proposed changes relating to weekly markets

There are a few changes in the offing relating to the regular Tuesday and Sunday markets in Fuengirola, although many of the details and time scales have yet to be finalised.

Hotel Casa Consistorial

The old Town Hall building in Fuengirola, located between calle Camino de Coín and calle Alfonso XII, is to be renamed the Hotel Casa Consistorial and turned into a luxury boutique hotel.