Drugs haul in Cádiz

On Tuesday evening, customs surveillance officers intercepted a small sports craft off Cádiz which was found to have 3,000 kilos of hashish on board. The boat was detected and then towed into port where the bundles of drugs were discovered. The four occupants of the boat, one local man, two from Gibraltar and one North African, were arrested and are …

Surprise for homeowner

A man called the Guardia Civil after discovering 1.2 tons of hashish hidden under some plastic sheeting in his carport at his home in calle Miramar, Punta Umbría.

Four detained in drugs swoop

Guardia Civil officers in Lucena, Córdoba, have detained four people and seized 500 kilos of hashish which was packaged and ready to be distributed throughout Europe.

One ton of hashish seized in Chiclana

Raids on two houses in Chiclana have resulted in the detention of three people and the seizure of over one ton of hashish. Around twenty Guardia Civil officers took part in raids on two houses in Chiclana and in addition to the hashish, they also confiscated three high-end vehicles, a pistol, cash and jewellery.

Mule arrested

Abdessamad H, a 31 year old Moroccan, turned up at the Hospital Provincial in Torrecardenas with stomach pains and ended up under arrest. The cause of his discomfort was sixty packages of hashish inside his stomach and ten of the bags had burst open. Abdessamad H swallowed the bags of drugs before leaving Morocco. He has been charged with a crime against …

Two bodies and hashish in a boat

A routine patrol on the beach in Sotogrande led Guardia Civil officers to the discovery of a large amount of hashish and two dead bodies. The officers spotted a Moroccan man who was displaying all the signs of hyperthermia and, thinking he might have just arrived via illegal means, they began a search of the area.

Big bust in Sevilla

In by far the biggest drugs bust in Sevilla, police seized 11,000 kilos of hashish stored in an underground garage in edificio Hércules, avenida de la Innovación.

67 kilos of hashish seized in Tarifa

Guardia Civil officers in Tarifa have arrested a man who was transporting 67 kilos of hashish in his vehicle. The man, a Moroccan who lives in Spain, was charged with a crime against the public health. The vehicle had a double floor on the inside, the drugs being concealed between the false and the real floor.

Five tons of hashish seized in Cádiz province

In two separate incidents, the Guardia Civil in Cádiz has seized over five tons of hashish. The first operation took place at the El Puerto de Santa María Yacht Club where a sailboat, moored in the marina on the false pretext of having broken down, was found to contain 3,000 kilos of hashish and pollen.