Two detained for smuggling drugs

Two people were arrested in Algeciras after trying to smuggle 78.3 kilos of hashish in the false bottom of the petrol tank of an Opel Astra. The detainees were 45 year old F. G. L. R. and 46 year old H. A. M.

Three tons of hashish seized near Motril

Police in Granada have seized three tons of hashish and arrested seven drugs traffickers in the biggest drug operation on the Costa Tropical so far this year.

Two arrested in drug swoop in Sevilla

Two people have been arrested and five others charged with offences against the public health in two separate incidents involving the cultivation of marijuana in Isla Mayor, Sevilla.

Five tons of hashish found in fishing boat

Five people, all foreign nationals, have been arrested after the discovery of a large quantity of hashish on board a fishing vessel in Isla Cristina, Huelva province.


Guardia Civil officers in Algeciras discovered 78.7 kilos of hashish abandoned near cala Lozano. The discovery came shortly after a jet ski was spotted heading towards shore at high speed.