Plans to curb drugs tourism

The Dutch government has apparently decided it wants to ban tourists from buying cannabis in the ‘coffee shops’ where hash is legally on sale.

Cave full of hashish in Almuñécar

A Guardia Civil patrol has discovered a cache of seventeen bales of hashish pollen, weighing nearly half a ton, in a cave in the nature reserve of Cerro Gordo, in Almuñécar (Granada).

Drugs haul on El Playazo beach

Guardia Civil officers have arrested two local residents for their alleged involvement in bringing ashore 54 bales of hashish, weighing 1,200 kilos, on El Playazo beach. One of the youths has already been remanded in custody, the other has been released on bail.

11 tons of hashish seized in Algeciras

National Police officers and agents from the Inland Revenue have arrested five people and seized 11 tons of hashish as part of an operation against a drugs trafficking network based in the Murcia region.

900 kilos of drugs intercepted in Algeciras

Police in Algeriras have detained two 21 year old youths and confiscated 900 kilos of hashish in the latest operation against drugs trafficking in the area.

Hashish haul in Marbella

The improved weather conditions not only herald a resumption of crossings from North Africa by illegal immigrants but also the transportation of vast quantities of hashish.

Police seize 4,000 kilos of hashish on Almayete beach

Cleaning staff at Almayate beach in Vélez- Málaga alerted the Local Police to suspicious activity on the beach and this led to the seizure of 4,000 kilos of hashish and the arrest of a 46 year old German national.