Complaint against Local Police officer in Torrox

The working environment within the Local Police force in Torrox has not been a happy one for several years now, with claims and counter claims, disciplinary proceedings and complaints being made on a regular basis.

Conflicts within Local Police in Torrox worsen

The conflicts within the Local Police force in Torrox continue unabated with the Police Union UPLB making criminal complaints against the Police Chief José Roque and Mayor Francisco Muñoz (PSOE) for the alleged crimes of trespass against the rights of workers and falsifying public documents.

GPS causes stir in Torrox

Relations between the Local Police and the municipal authorities in Torrox have been strained, to say the very least, for several years now, so a new source of conflict comes as no great surprise.

Ticketfest in Las Cabezas de San Juan, Sevilla

Local Police officers in Las Cabezas de San Juan, Sevilla, have been busy bees, handing out 2,500 tickets in just four days, and there are only 5,000 cars in the entire municipality.

Torrox Local Police under investigation

All is not well in the Local Police force in Torrox and it remains a hotbed of disputes, allegations and confrontations, a situation which has now been ongoing for the past five years.

Road safety education classes

The Nerja Local Police have begun a new series of road safety education classes at schools in the area, starting at the Virgen del Mar school in the barriada de Las Protegidas.

Court orders Council to repay police officer

A judge at the Administrative Court in Málaga has ordered Nerja Council to repay nine days unpaid salary, around €600, to a Local Police officer who had been suspended for using the internet for private purposes during working hours. There is no appeal against this ruling.