A safer place?

Crime rates are generally on the increase in Andalucia according to IEASA (Instituto de Estudio Andaluces) and public safety, or lack thereof, has become the second major concern in the region after unemployment. However, Nerja appears to be an exception to the rule with, according to the latest figures, an overall 18% fall in crime during 2009.

Mostly petty fights at Málaga feria

In general, Málaga feria, which attracts around six million visitors over nine days, has been proceeding normally as far as crime is concerned, although some 36 people were detained in the period from Friday to Wednesday.

Major police operation in Bournemouth

Although there are continual complaints about lack of manpower, it’s good to see that, when necessary, the forces of Law and Order can muster sufficient strength to apprehend the really dangerous criminals in society. Four vehicles and nine officers were recently involved in one such dramatic operation, ending with the arrest of a 42 year old desperado. Handcuffed, he was …

Another voice of reason

It’s taken a while, but as the Blair-Brown Empire crumbles, voices of common sense are slowly beginning to make themselves heard.

Disturbing, in more ways than one

It has been reported that a total of 145 people have lodged complaints against the actions of police officers from several forces during the two days of G20 demonstrations.

Do not disturb

If you get burgled or attacked these days, little chance of an officer of the law turning up. Wake up a sleeping dormouse, though, and the sirens wail.

Law and order

Various statistics relating to crime in Nerja for 2008 have just been published, many areas showing a decline in ‘activity’ when compared to 2007.