12 illegal immigrants, including a baby, intercepted near Tarifa

The Maritime Rescue Service has intercepted a small boat carrying 12 sub-Saharans, eight men, three women and a baby, south of Tarifa. The boat was located at 08:45 this morning and the passengers are now on their way to the port of Tarifa.

31 illegal immigrants intercepted near Tarifa

Thirty-one adult male sub-Saharans were intercepted this morning as they reached Tarifa. Eight of the passengers had to be treated for minor injuries as the area where they came to land is rocky. After receiving attention from the Red Cross they were taken to Algeciras.

Tarifa charges for taking vehicles to the beaches

Tarifa Council has imposed a tax on motorists taking vehicles to the beaches, €1.50 for cars and €5.00 for motor caravans, and have expressed surprise at the negative reaction to the measure.

50 illegal immigrants intercepted off Tarifa

A small boat carrying over 50 illegal immigrants, including at least ten minors and a number of pregnant women, has been intercepted this morning in the Straits of Gibraltar.

Fatal road incident in Tarifa

Two men have been arrested in connection with the death of an individual on Wednesday morning on the carretera de Bolonia in Tarifa.

One injured in fire in Tarifa

Around thirty people had to be evacuated from their homes in Tarifa in the early hours of Monday morning after fire broke out on the second floor, an electrical fault thought to be the cause of the blaze.

Shooting in Tarifa

A 41 year old man is in hospital in Algeciras after receiving three gunshot wounds to the leg in what police believe was a ‘settling of accounts’.

6 babies amongst boatload of immigrants

The Marine Rescue service today intercepted a small pneumatic boat carrying 31 passsengers about four miles southwest of Tarifa, Cádiz province.

Wind turbine crashes onto the N-340 near Tarifa

A wind turbine collapsed and crashed onto the N-340 near Tarifa on Friday afternoon causing traffic to be diverted while the machinery was removed. The wind turbine was on a wind farm located at km 80 on the N-340. Fortunately no-one was injured in the incident which occurred at 13:00.

26 Sub-Saharan immigrants intercepted off Tarifa

A total of 26 Sub-Saharans arrived off the coast of Tarifa this morning to be met by members of the Guardia Civil, Red Cross, National Police, Civil Protection and Local Health authority. There were 11 women, two of them pregnant, 6 children and 9 men on board the small boat. Three of the women were taken to hospital suffering from …