Football match tragedy in Tarifa

A 24 year old, Juan José Navarro Rodríguez, tragically died yesterday evening at the end of a football match being played in Tarifa.

Get ’em off

Nude sunbathing is now permitted on all municipal beaches in Tarifa, Cádiz province, following a Council decision to repeal legislation that prohibited nude bathing on some beaches in the area.

Woman dies in house fire in Tarifa

A 73 year old woman died in the early hours of Friday morning in a fire at her home in Plaza de San Martin in Tarifa, Cádiz province.

Residual waters affect Los Lances beach

Damage to one of the waste pipes in Tarifa, Cádiz province, has led to the dumping of significant amounts of residual waters along the shoreline near Los Lances beach.

Screams alert passing ship

Guardia Civil and Marine Rescue officers this morning intercepted a small inflatable dinghy carrying five Moroccan immigrants about 7.4 miles off Tarifa, Cádiz province.

Seven minors in a plastic boat

A small boat carrying six North African minors was intercepted early this morning about one and a half miles off Tarifa.

More new arrivals

Three boats, carrying a total of 37 people, were interecepted off the coast of Andalucía yesterday.