More illegal immigrants intercepted

On Thursday evening, Guardia Civil officers intercepted 20 Algerian immigrants a few miles off the coast near the Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Nijar in Almería.

Another toy boat arrives off Tarifa

Once again, immigrants arriving off the Spanish coast have used a small, inflatable rowing boat as their means of transport. Must be hard work apart from anything else.

More flimsy dinghies arrive off Tarifa

This morning has seen the arrival of two more small, inflatable rowing boats off the coast near Tarifa with a total of 14 passengers on board.

Five men in a boat

The Guardia Civil has rescued five Moroccans who were traveling in a small, engineless dinghy of the sort normally being used by kids at the beach. The boat was spotted about 2.5 miles south of Guadalmesí, near Tarifa, with five Moroccan adult males on board. After being rescued, the five men were checked by the Red Cross in Tarifa before …

Five men in a toy boat

During the early hours of this morning, at 05:10 to be precise, the Sistema Integral de Vigilancia Exterior (SIVE) detected a small inflatable toy boat about 2.5 miles off Tarifa. On board were five Moroccans.

68 illegals arrive in Tarifa

Sixty-eight irregular immigrants were rescued on Saturday morning  about seven miles west of Tarifa.

Tarifa fire now under control

The forest fire in the Parque Natural del Estrecho near Tarifa was stabilised around midday on Sunday and is now under control.