Another Tranvia accident

The tram in Vélez-Málaga certainly seems to be involved in more than its fair share of accidents, the latest occurring on Monday evening.

Runaway tram

At 08:45 on Monday morning, as the Tranvia tram was exiting Torre del Mar to make its journey to Jurado Lorca park in Vélez-Málaga, the brakes failed and the machine began to roll backwards.

Torre del Mar

I was in Torre del Mar early this morning and it’s easy to see why the Tranvia tram isn’t making any money. As people made their way to work, there were plenty on the buses, driving or walking, but the most people I saw on the tram was eight! Most had maybe four or five passengers. Not per carriage/section, but …

Tranvia not doing very well

The Tranvia tram in Vélez-Málaga is now almost two years old, but there is little cause to celebrate. Passenger numbers continue to fall and this is placing a heavy financial burden on the local authority. The Council not only has to subsidise the ticket price, paying the difference between the actual cost, €1.42 and the price paid by the passenger, …

Tranvia phase two

Testing on the new Tranvia tram section in Vélez-Málaga began yesterday and will continue until Friday may 23rd.

A day is a long time in politics

The mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Francisco Delgado, has announced the authorisation of studies relating to phase two of the Tranvia tram system.


The Tranvia tram service between Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar is no stranger to controversy, and this time it’s the residents of calle Magallanes who are all set to cause a stir.


The Mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Francisco Delgado, has described the situation regarding the Tranvia tram system as ‘very worrying’ and is not averse to the idea of stopping the service if solutions are not forthcoming.