Los Huertos de Carabeo parking tariff for residents

According to the Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, the owners of the Los Huertos de Carabeo car park have agreed a special discounted parking tariff for residents of Nerja (i.e. registered on the census/padrón) of €7 per month and applicable as from July 1st 2011.

  1. brit says:

    what is the price for 1 day , 1 week, 2 week, fore the tourist, because we want to rent a car in juni, but we want pay a lot off money fore parking

    • The Captain says:

      Looks like the Tourist specials, available 1/6 to 30/9, are 35 for one week, 60 for two weeks and 90 for a month.
      Daily rate is maximum of between 10.80 and 18.80 depending upon the season.

  2. john campion says:

    Please cauld you tell me if there will be free parking for the disabled tourist.

    • The Captain says:

      There is no mention of special rates for the disabled on any of the notices at the car park.

  3. Larna says:

    How are the resident’s monthly tariffs paid? At the kiosk, by direct debit, or some other means?

  4. Rachel says:

    Property owners who live for 6 months a year in Nerja have to pay tourist rates unless they also own a Spanish car. British car ownership does not count, nor does being registered at Nerja Town Hall with a Volante de Empadronamiento, unless you have proof of owning a Spanish car.

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