Out and About August 10th 2014…

I must say, there seems to be far fewer purveyors of sunglasses and other assorted items in the past few days, so maybe the clampdown really is going to continue this time.

There were none in calle Málaga – usually between five and eight cover this area – and I only saw four in a walk from Torrecilla beach to the Bálcon de Europa and three of those appeared to be trying to keep a low profile. There were none on the Balcón!

One must assume that the ‘other two’ Local Police – one only ever sees two on the Balcón, permanently in summer. and two on motorbikes – are busy chasing them around.

There was a novel act on the Balcón de Europa today, a man playing music on glasses. He was very good.

music with glasses

Could have sworn I read somewhere that the landscaping etc near the ruins of the watchtower on Torrecilla beach were completed, but unless they planted The Emperor’s New Seeds…

Empty garden

Plenty of people on El Playazo, El Chucho, Torrecilla, Calahonda, El Salon and La Caletilla beaches. And plenty of aquatic pursuits.

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