Three forest fires as a result of lightning strikes

Firemen have been working overnight, without air support, to control and extinguish three forest fires, two in Almeria and one in Jaén, which were caused by lightning during a thunderstorm.

37 arrested for Social Security fraud

The National Police in Almeria have arrested 37 people relating to Social Security fraud in the amount of €691,750. Another 92 people have been charged with fraud, illegal employment and forgery.

Helicopter rescue off the Almeria coast

A Maritime Rescue helicopter rescued the six crew members, four Egyptians and two Tunisians, from their sinking cargo ship about 25 miles of Almeria. No-one was injured during the incident which occurred at around 0:30 and the crew members were safely transferred to Almeria port where they received food and clothing.

Unpaid care workers in Almeria

The 37 employees at the Veraparaiso residential home for the elderly in Almeria have not been paid so far this year and no materials have been provided in order for them to carry out their duties as carers.

Eleven arrested for drug trafficking

A joint operation between the Guardia Civil and National Police in Almeria has resulted in the arrest of eleven members of a gang trafficking in drugs and smuggling immigrants into Spain and the seizure of 2.4 tones of hashish.

Sexual abuse of two year old in Almeria

A man has been arrested in Almeria on suspicion of sexually abusing a two year old girl. The girl was admitted to hospital on Friday where doctors initiated the protocols associated with such cases. The man is believed to have been looking after the child while the mother was working.

Redundancies in Macael, Almeria

The Council in Macael, Almeria, will today announce who will stay and who will go under an ERE presented several weeks ago. As many as 18 of the 60 Council employees could be made redundant.