More ETA hideouts discovered in France

French security forces have uncovered two new ETA hideouts, making nine in total so far since the arrest of three suspected ETA members last Wednesday.

More ETA arms caches uncovered

The authorities in France have so far discovered seven ETA hideouts, the latest containing over 300 kilos of explosives.

More ETA explosives discovered in France

Police in France have so far discovered three ETA hideouts following the arrest earlier this week of three ETA members, Alberto Machaín Beraza, Aitzol Etxaburu and Andoni Sarasola.

Mikel Barrios Santamaría arrested in France

Police in France have arrested ETA terrorist Mikel Barrios Santamaría who fled from Spain six months ago after an operation against the ‘kale borroka’ in Navarre.

Top ETA member detained in France

Jurdan Martitegi, believed to be the latest military chief of ETA, has been detained in Perpignan, France, during a joint operation by French and Spanish police.