A bad week

The French are obviously not having a good week. After rail staff sent hundreds of travellers to ‘le wrong country’, various beaches were closed to bathers after reports of a shark (turned out to be a dolphin) and a huge crocodile (turned out to be un piece of wood). Better safe than sorry, though…Le Croc…

Mystery tour

“I’d like a ticket to…” “Here you are sir” “But I haven’t told you where I’m going!” “Not necessary, sir, we’ll leave that up to the French. Have a nice journey. Next!”

Four ETA members detained on France

Four members of ETA, including one man thought to be involved in the shooting of a French Gendarme, have been detained by the French Police in collaboration with the Guardia Civil.

Three more ETA members detained in France

Three more ETA members, including one of the top leaders, have been arrested in France bringing the total number of ETA members detained so far this year to thirty-two.

Wounded ETA member at French hospital

A man turning up at a French hospital this morning for treatment to a wounded hand was discovered to be an ETA member. The security forces are currently trying to figure out his identity and how he came to be wounded.

Another ETA hideout found in France

The security forces in France continue to discover ETA hideouts in the south of the country, fourteen of them so far in a little over one week.