Repairs to Frigiliana ring road

The Junta de Andalucia has committed a total of €66,439 under the Programa de Transición al Empleo Proteja for repairs to the ring road in Frigiliana, the main access to the town. Works are currently being carried out to repair infrastructure damaged by storms and the project has led to the creation of four jobs.

Employment scheme in Frigiliana

Employment training schemes at the Castillo de Lízar II centre in Frigiliana have resulted in a group of ten unemployed people conducting guided tours of the area in order to learn about the techniques involved in rural tourism.

Investigation into water privatisation in Frigiliana

The Chief Prosecutor in Málaga, Antonio Morales Lázaro, has ordered the Court of First Instance and Instruction in Torrox to open a pretrial investigation into the privatisation of the water supply in Frigiliana to determine whether any criminal offence was committed during the adjudication process.

Electricity problems in Frigiliana

Three years after the issuing of a licence of first occupation for edificio Residencial El Mirador in calle Portón, Frigiliana, the 22 apartment owners still have no electricity metres installed.

Frigiliana underground car park may close

It is a little over two years since the one and only underground car park in Frigiliana opened for business, but it is currently expected to close on November 8th due to continuing financial problems.

Premio Internacional de Estudios Moriscos y Andalusíes

Frigiliana Council and Editorial Almuzara have signed an agreement to create the Premio Internacional de Estudios Moriscos y Andalusíes, an award worth €3,000 for works on themes relating to the Al-Andalus period of history.

Injured hiker rescued in Frigiliana

Firemen from the CPB in Málaga were involved in the rescue of an injured female hiker on Saturday, the woman having hurt her leg and unable to continue her walk along the Camino de Lízar in Frigiliana.

Demand for removal of mobile phone antenna in Frigiliana

Residents in and around calle Príncipe de Asturias in Frigiliana are once again demanding the removal of a mobile phone antenna located in the middle of a residential area and close to a nursery school.