Over two tons of hashish seized in Adra

The authorities  have seized 2.6 tons of hashish found on board a pleasure craft entering the port of Adra, arresting the three crew members, all Italian nationals.

8.5 tons of hashish seized in Algeciras

Guardia Civil officers in Algeciras have seized a shipment of 8.5 tons of hashish being transported from Tangier by lorry, the drugs hidden between pallets of tomatoes and peppers.

1,557 kilo drugs haul

Operation ‘Mar Negro’ has resulted in the seizure of 1,557 kilos of hashish on two pleasure boats based in Nerja.

Hashish haul off Torre del Mar

On Wednesday, Guardia Civil officers intercepted a boat off the coast of Torre del Mar, Vélez-Malaga, and seized 221 kilos of hashish.

53 arrested in drugs bust

The National Police have arrested a total of 53 members of an alleged international drug trafficking network dedicated to transporting large quantities of hashish from Morocco to Spain in large tonnage lorries.