Three days of mourning in Boecillo for murdered children

The town of Boecillo in Valladolid will today begin three days of official mourning for three children who were killed at a shelter run by the Mensajeros de la Paz (Messengers of Peace), allegedly by of one of the monitors.

Domestic fatality in Barakaldo

A 25 year old woman in Barakaldo was killed last night by her former partner in yet another tragic case of domestic violence.

Torrox man gets 17 years jail for murder

A Court in Málaga has sentenced a youth to 17 years imprisonment for the killing of another youth in the municipality of Torrox in 2008 following a dispute over a debt of €20.

Suspected killer detained in Sevilla

Police in Sevilla have arrested 37 year old Issam M, a Moroccan national, in connection with the killing yesterday of a woman at her home in calle Luis Cadarso in the Macarena district of the city.

Killer detained in San Fernando

A 24 year old has been arrested for the killing of a council functionary in San Fernando, local residents assisting in his capture.

Three arrests in connection with death of Mercedes T. C.

A total of three people have now been arrested in connection with the death of 55 year old Mercedes T. C. at her home in Cádiz. Mercedes had suffered thirty stab wounds. The motive for the crime appears to have been the theft of a plasma TV.