Restoration of old sugar mill completed

Vélez-Málaga Council has apparently finished the renovation of the old Virgen del Carmen sugar mill building in Torre del Mar, a project which has already cost €2.5 million and taken nine years to complete.

Five arrested for allegedly supplying drugs

The continuing crackdown on small-scale drug trafficking has resulted in the arrest of five people in Torre del Mar who were allegedly selling drugs to pupils at a school in the area.

Fire in Plaza de La Paz, Torre del Mar

A fire in edificio Miramar 1 in plaza de la Paz, Torre del Mar, necessitated the evacuation of residents from the entire fourth floor as a precautionary measure.

Flooding in Torre del Mar

The heavy rains on Saturday caused flooding in parts of Torre del Mar, with several roads having to be closed to traffic.

Prompt police action prevents suicide

National Police officers arrived in the nick of time to save a 58-year-old man who was trying to hang himself with a nylon cord attached to the fencing of a residential home for seniors in Torre del Mar.

Repairs to lighthouse

The Málaga Port Authority has begun to repair and paint the lighthouse in Torre del Mar, a project which is expected to take one month.

Start of Blue Zone parking tax

After more than two decades of talking about it, the first phase of the Blue Zone parking tax is set to be introduced in several areas of Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar at the beginning of July 2013. This first phase will affect calle Cervantes, Camino de Málaga, Cristo, Ca­nalejas and Reñidero in Vélez-Málaga and calles Princesa and San Martín in …